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Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) program?

Sponsored by member firms of the Nonprofit CPAs, the CNAP program is a comprehensive qualification, training, and examination designed to recognize excellence in the not-for-profit industry.


Who is eligible to earn the CNAP designation?

The program is beneficial for bookkeepers, staff accountants, and any professional charged with the financial management of a nonprofit organization. These individuals are the key personnel in any industry that will gain basic and intermediate accounting and reporting skills by achieving the CNAP designation.

Who is Nonprofit CPAs?

The Nonprofit CPAs group is a nationwide network of CPA firms specifically selected for their experience in, and commitment to, servicing the nonprofit industry. Nonprofit CPAs members combine their expertise to provide the highest quality services to improve the performance of nonprofit organizations. Through the Nonprofit CPAs educational program and continuous exchange of ideas and information, Nonprofit CPAs members stay on the forefront of the nonprofit industry. For more information, please visit the their website at:


I already completed a CNAP Registration Form. Is there a separate application form to complete?

No. Completing a registration form is sufficient.

Do I have to be a CPA in order to qualify?

It is not required that you are a CPA, but you must have at least 18 months in the financial position of a nonprofit organization.

What are the benefits of attaining the CNAP designation?


What are the requirements for certification?

1. Pay the $795 registration fee.

2. Complete and submit the Registration Form.

3. Complete the required training course within 36 months. The training courses are open to non-CNAP candidates, and there are no prerequisites to attend the training session.

4. Pass the exam at the end of the training course.



How much does it cost to become certified?

The cost of this certification is $795.  This fee is paid directly to BWK Rogers PC.

What type of training is offered in the CNAP program?

Practical, relevant, and timely training is course taught by experienced and knowledgeable CPAs who concentrate their financial and consulting service in the nonprofit industry. Whether used as a "refresher" course or as means to gain industry-specific knowledge, the specialized hands-on curriculum -- including ideas to improve the profitability of your organization --will yield immediate benefits. The curriculum also includes basic and intermediate nonprofit accounting, as well as in-depth training on more advanced issues such as internal controls and budgeting for not-for-profit organizations. The training course is also open to non-CNAP candidates.

How do I register for a training session?

Submit your completed Registration Form and $795 check made payable to BWK Rogers PC, 431 South 7th Street, Suite #2424, Minneapolis, MN 55415.

Click here for the current registration information.

Who conducts the training?

The training session follows a standardized curriculum, developed by members in nonprofit industry financial management, including all items in the training manual. The actual training is conducted by representatives from BWK Rogers PC.

The instructors for the upcoming session are Barry Rogers and Wylie Klawitter.

"As one the instructors, I would like to tell you a little about my background. I am a CPA and the Managing Partner of BWK Rogers PC. I have over 30 years of experience in providing auditing, accounting and consulting services to not-for-profit organizations. My career includes working at Arthur Young & Company (currently Ernst and Young) before forming my own accounting firm, which is dedicated to serving the nonprofit industry. I have spent over 20 years teaching nonprofit accounting and auditing at Metropolitan State University and regularly participate at seminars sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Minnesota Society of CPAs. In addition, I am one of the co-authors of the Nonprofit CPAs nationally certified accounting professional course."

--Barry Rogers, CPA & Managing Partner of BWK Rogers PC

What about the tests at the end of the training?

A requirement for certification is that candidates pass a test given at the end of the training session. The test is "open book", and candidates are required to bring and use calculators. The exam is the same for all candidates regardless of where they complete the training, with input from Nonprofit CPAs member CPAs experienced in not-for-profit industry financial management. The passing grade for each test is 75%.

What if I fail the exam?

Any candidate who fails an exam will be allowed one opportunity to re-take it at a mutually convenient time and location. If a candidate fails the exam for a second time, he or she must attend the training session again before trying again.

How long do I have to complete all of the requirements for certification?

Candidates must meet the requirements (listed above) within 36 months of taking the course. Some may be able to meet all of the requirements in as little as three or four months (depending on the training schedule).


When should I submit the complete application form?

You need to submit the completed application form prior to attending.


How long do I have until I will have to be re-certified?

In order to maintain the Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional designation, each certificate holder must fulfill re-certification requirements that are established by the certification committee.

What if I have additional questions?

Please visit the CNAP website

or contact:

Wylie Klawitter

BWK Rogers PC

612-332-5446 x115