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Recovery Act Funds Consulting Services

Federal Grant Consulting Services

Our staff is experienced in performing consulting services related to Federal grant compliance issues including the following: 

  • Assistance with identification of applicable compliance requirements for Recovery Act funded programs.

  • Developing and implementation of monitoring procedures for contract compliance.

  • Agreed upon procedures to verify contract compliance with specific compliance requirements.

  • Designing systems for monitoring your sub-recipientís compliance with contract requirements.

  • Preparation of indirect costs rate proposals or cost allocation plans.

  • Review of your current indirect cost allocation methodology.

  • Training for staff on compliance requirements, and government grants administration.

  • Performing monitoring procedures relevant to pass-through agencies' requirements.

  • Review of new grant or contract agreements, and designing an internal control system to ensure compliance with the compliance issues related to the agreement.

  • Design of checklists for your organization to use to document compliance as well as internal monitoring of compliance related issues.

  • Assistance with grant proposals.

  • Review of current financial policies and procedures for needed changes, or updates.


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